Each Rolling Thunder event organization (requirements, slot assignation etc)
occurs via Discord.

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General Descriptions

Since 2010, Rolling Thunder is an ArmA series (firstly Arma2, now Arma3) PvP (player vs player) event in which large scale tank battles are simulated in an organized large scale environment. The RT battles are standalone events and take place occasionally. For each battle there are new registrations. The Rolling Thunder participants vary from armor gameplay newcomers to professional tank combat simulation gamers all with the aim to have tactical, teamwork orientated, well organized and enjoyable battles.

In these battles, tank company versus tank company operations are simulated. Both tank companies consist of three or four tank platoons (3 tanks per platoon, number of platoons may vary between 3 and 4), a Cavalry Scout platoon (in some battles not all), a reconnaissance platoon, an anti-tank section and a logistical element.

Each battle takes place on a different map. At the start of a battle, each company starts on a opposite point of the map. The battle region has alot of open terrain with some elevations and small forests. Each company has the objective to take and hold two objective sectors towards the opponents’ start point. During the battle, both sides try to build up tactical dominance in the region, by securing stategic points and preventing the enemy to advance. Points are distributed for the scoring interval (determined by parameters)  that a sector is held. Default value in use is 30 secs. After two hours and half the battle ends and the company with the highest number of points wins.


Credits: Dutch for the original gameplay concept; {BDR}Flipper for some scripting; {BDR}Cobra for Arma3 porting