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Since 2010, Rolling Thunder is an ArmA series (firstly Arma 2, now Arma 3) PVP (player vs player) event in which large scale tank battles are simulated. The RT battles are standalone events and take place occasionally. For each battle there are new registrations. The Rolling Thunder participants vary from armor gameplay newcomers to professional tank combat simulation gamers all with the aim to have tactical, teamwork orientated and enjoyable battles in a well organized large scale environment.

Player slots

For both companies the following player slots are by default available (with some variations between each battle):
• 3/4 Tank Platoons (3 tanks each)
• 6x /4x AT team members (may vary from battle to battle)
• 6x Recon Team members
• 1x Helicopter pilot and Co-pilot (present in some battles)
• 3x Engineer (logistical & service Team)
• other assetts may be pesent in some battles

Vehicle pool

For both companies the following vehicles are available:
• 9x /12x Main Battle Tank (types are different per battle)
• 2x /3x Transport vehicle for AT team and Recon team  (Jeeps, Quads)
• 1x Transport / Reconnaissance helicopter (present in some battles)
• other assetts may be present in some battles

Technical aspects

• Thermal Imaging  is disabled (to keep it challenging)
• Viewdistance is by default automatically set at 4000 meters for all players (but may deviate per battle. If so this will be announced in the relative battle forum thread)
• 3rd personview is disabled to enhance the simulation experience
• Vehicle and player respawn activated

Respawn features

The respawn feature is configured so that it allows a continuous flow of gameplay, but also gives room for units to make critical moves / strikes in times their opponent is recovering. That way you gain terrain and if all well and continued, you will be able to seize and hold your objective sectors. Respawn delays are not very long.


       Tank PvP                  AT Team

       100+ players            Recon Team

       20 tanks                   Logistics



June 23rd, 2024

NATO vs Russia  (Map Šumava)


Jan. 28th, 2024

NATO vs URSS (Map Rosche)

Edition #41

November 26th, 2023

NATO vs USSR (Map Korsac)

Edition #40

Jul. 16th, 2023

Turkey vs Syrian Army  (Map Anizay)

Edition #39

February 26th, 2023

West Germany vs East Germany (Map Weferlingen)

Edition #38

January 29th, 2023

Germany vs Russia  (Map Rosche)

Edition #37

September 11th, 2022

Turkey vs Egypt in Lybia (Map Kujari)

Edition #36

Main availabe roles / Slot types

(they can vary from battle to battle)

Tank Commander

Platoon Leader

People who are willing and able to lead a platoon of three tanks at the same time, whilst being seated in one of them.
Being able to multi-task is a absolute necessity for this role. The player must be comfortable and able switching between listen/talk to his own crew, the platoon net and the company radio net. In addition the player must have the ability to communicate effectively and posses good knowledge of ArmA tanks, as well as being able to speak and understand English well.

Tank Commander


People who are willing and able to lead a tank crew and operate under the command of a tank platoon leader. Some prior game experience with ArmA tanks is required, as well as being able to communicate clearly and effectively towards your crew and on the platoon radio net.

Tank Gunner

People who enjoy playing together in a main battle tank under the command of a tank commander, as part of a three man crew. Basic skill with tank driving and gunnery are required for playing in this role.

Tank Driver

People who enjoy playing together in a main battle tank under the command of a tank commander, as part of a three man crew. Basic skill with tank driving and gunnery are required for playing in this role.

Recon Team Member

A person who is willing and able to perform dismounted reconnaissance. He enjoys and is able to discretely gather info on the terrain and the enemy’s movement and reports to a recon team leader.  Seeing without being seen and being able to relay information in a clear and effective fashion are requirements to be assigned to such role.

Anti-Tank Soldier

A person who is experienced in and enjoys neutralizing tanks with a high variety of AT weapon systems. Must have good knowledge of using man-portable launchers, static assemblies and mobile AT platforms. The team operates both mounted and on foot.

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