Date: Sunday September 11th

Time: 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST)

Rolling Thunder TS3
TS3 no pass

RT #36 represents a fictional clash between Turkey and Egypt in Libya

Map: Rosche (Germany)

Mods are distributed via A3Sync Repository

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only RT #36 Modset

Mission details
All details and discussion will be made on Discord Rolling Thunder Official Channel.
See you all in the battle and thanks for participation in RT #36!


Rolling Thunder Edition #36 is scheduled for Sunday September 11th


Due to the success in applications for this battle, to accomodate more groups one tank platoon has been added for each side.
The largest tank battle in Arma becomes even larger!

  • 4 Tank Platoons (3 tanks each) for a total of 12 tanks for side

CUP Leopard2A6 (Blufor)
CUP M1A2 SEPv1 (Redfor)

As in previous Rolling Thunder editions, tanks have a lineup time of 10 min. Drivers cannot get into the tank for 10 mins.

  • 6x  AT Team members

AT Team members are divided into 3 teams, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, each of them consisting of an AT Specialist and an assistant. They are equipped with Static ATs (CUP TOW2 and Kornet for Blufor and Redfor, respectively). AT specialist and assistant carry the gun bag and tripod bag of the static, respectively. Thermal view disabled.

  • 6x Recon Team members

Recon members can choose between silenced, GL or sniper weapons.

CUP  Land Rover 110 SF GMG (Blufor)
CUP M1025 SOV Mk19 (Redfor)

  • 3x Engineers (Logistical & Service Team)

Service trucks (3x) can refuel, rearm and repair – no respawn
Ammo trucks do respawn