Edition #14
March 9th, 2014
Map: Faysh Khabur
Endstate: BLUFOR wins

USMC, U.S. Army
A-Coy, 1st Tk Btn
1st Mech. Brig.
Command Element
Company Commander/TC Bunkerfaust
Gunner b0unty
Driver Leo
1st Tank Platoon
1-Lead, Platoon Leader Pio
1-Lead, Gunner Mightybullet
1-Lead, Driver DorsalRegent
1-Alfa, Tank Commander Frozen
1-Alfa, Gunner Tonci
1-Alfa, Driver RoyNo
1-Bravo, Tank Commander Ribiselkuchen
1-Bravo, Gunner Deadeye
1-Bravo, Driver Zebedeus
1-Scout, Leader mango
1-Scout, Gunner hermi
1-Scout, Driver nuka
2nd Tank Platoon
2-Lead, Platoon leader Nobody
2-Lead, Gunner Zorgan
2-Lead, Driver Albus
2-Alfa, Tank Commander Kelevra
2-Alfa, Gunner Ice_1
2-Alfa, Driver Bernhard
2-Bravo, Tank Commander Hartman
2-Bravo, Gunner tugger
2-Bravo, Driver Fullout
2-Scout, Leader floppy
2-Scout, Gunner McCheesy
2-Scout, Driver leif
3rd Tank Platoon
3-Lead, Platoon Leader zelarn
3-Lead, Gunner Cartman
3-Lead, Driver Panda
3-Alfa, Tank Commander Sputnik
3-Alfa, Gunner superwutz
3-Alfa, Driver Leon
3-Bravo, Tank Commander Highfly
3-Bravo, Gunner Patman
3-Bravo, Driver Sparrx
3-Scout, Leader Kottn
3-Scout, Gunner MorgenEule
3-Scout, Driver Deathbite
Anti-Tank Team
Team Leader muffin
Team Member CruelThunder
Team Member BountyHuntA
Team Member CrysenTV
Logistical Group
Helicopter Pilot Fabi
Service Vehicle Driver [EMP] tba
Multipurpose Operator sharkoon87
Tank Crew Apex
Tank Crew Reacher
Tank Crew Spreckels
Tank Crew
Tank Crew
Iraqi Republican Guard
1st Hammurabi Armour. Div.
Command Element
Company Commander/TC SO, Lee
Gunner SO, tba
Driver SO, tba
1st Tank Platoon
1-Lead, Platoon Leader Squirrel
1-Lead, Gunner Aleh
1-Lead, Driver PARTYzan
1-Alfa, Tank Commander ISKANDER
1-Alfa, Gunner CeHceu
1-Alfa, Driver Semyon
1-Bravo, Tank Commander zayza
1-Bravo, Gunner KoPtenkin
1-Bravo, Driver Ekzarh
1-Scout, Leader Povidlo
1-Scout, Gunner Nyama
1-Scout, Driver holm
2nd Tank Platoon
2-Lead, Platoon leader Mark Interiis
2-Lead, Gunner Corax
2-Lead, Driver Wolfie
2-Alfa, Tank Commander HellHound
2-Alfa, Gunner Kevin31
2-Alfa, Driver Mixtrate
2-Bravo, Tank Commander Kingslayer
2-Bravo, Gunner SealHammer
2-Bravo, Driver elite444
2-Scout, Leader KingBeaver
2-Scout, Gunner Skyenet
2-Scout, Driver Tankman45210
3rd Tank Platoon
3-Lead, Platoon Leader BDR, Bubble
3-Lead, Gunner BDR, Xale
3-Lead, Driver BDR, Master
3-Alfa, Tank Commander BDR, Flipper
3-Alfa, Gunner BDR, Solax
3-Alfa, Driver BDR, Pop
3-Bravo, Tank Commander BDR, Mark
3-Bravo, Gunner BDR, Lunatico
3-Bravo, Driver BDR, Nemesi
3-Scout, Leader Grenvill
3-Scout, Gunner Zer
3-Scout, Driver Kotik
Anti-Tank Team
Team Leader Krasnoarmeyets
Team Member TeMaK
Team Member Qvinki
Team Member Redux
Logistical Group
Helicopter Pilot BDR, IraRock
Service Vehicle Driver BDR, Caliber
Multipurpose Operator whiztler
Tank Crew
Tank Crew
Tank Crew
Tank Crew
Tank Crew

Event Organisation

Admin Nemesi
FRAPS Cameraman 1

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