Edition #16
April 19th, 2015
Map: Altis
Endstate: REDFOR won
Command Element (Anrop) Command Element (HA)
Company Commander Anrop, GranQ Company Commander [HA]Krasnoarmeec
Gunner Anrop, Zip Gunner [HA]Volk
Driver Anrop, Naqui Driver [HA]fayst
1st Tank Platoon 1st Tank Platoon
(Mixed) (Mixed)
1-Lead, Platoon Leader  Anrop, Vort 1-Lead, Platoon Leader [HA]Simms
1-Lead, Gunner Anrop, Trajanus 1-Lead, Gunner [HA]Bulyon
1-Lead, Driver  Anrop, Hellquist 1-Lead, Driver [HA]Korvet
1-Alfa, Tank Commander Anrop, Hagelbocken 1-Alfa, Tank Commander [HA]zayza
1-Alfa, Gunner Anrop, Inge 1-Alfa, Gunner [HA]Temak
1-Alfa, Driver  Anrop, Matheez 1-Alfa, Driver [HA]Semyon
1-Bravo, Tank Commander AW, Stuntman 1-Bravo, Tank Commander FOX, Grenvill
1-Bravo, Gunner Anrop, Soodis 1-Bravo, Gunner FOX, Wiskas
1-Bravo, Driver AW, Michi 1-Bravo, Driver FOX,  Kukler
1-Scout / Leader AFI, Chipmunk 1-Scout / Leader  UNA, Karlis
1-Scout / Gunner AFI, Junnu 1-Scout / Gunner UNA, Tobi
1-Scout / Driver AFI, Taltsi 1-Scout / Driver
2nd Tank Platoon 2nd Tank Platoon
(WR) (Mixed)
2-Lead, Platoon leader WR, Burner 2-Lead, Platoon leader BDR, Solax
2-Lead, Gunner WR, Hannibal 2-Lead, Gunner BDR, Drache
2-Lead, Driver WR, Lector 2-Lead, Driver BDR, Jambo
2-Alfa, Tank Commander WR, Valkyr 2-Alfa, Tank Commander BDR, Soul
2-Alfa, Gunner WR, SirAthlon 2-Alfa, Gunner BDR, Seven
2-Alfa, Driver WR, Slide 2-Alfa, Driver BDR, Nemesi
2-Bravo, Tank Commander WR,   Stublerone 2-Bravo, Tank Commander UNA, Semper
2-Bravo, Gunner WR, Xaloy 2-Bravo, Gunner  UNA, Nick
2-Bravo, Driver WR, nox 2-Bravo, Driver UNA, Karbiner
2-Scout / Leader AFI, Cortes 2-Scout / Leader BDR, Cobra
2-Scout / Gunner AFI,  Mäkelä 2-Scout / Gunner BDR, IraRock
2-Scout / Driver AFI, Hemppa 2-Scout / Driver BDR,  Rengar
3rd Tank Platoon 3rd Tank Platoon
(Mixed) (Mixed)
3-Lead, Platoon Leader UO, Enex 3-Lead, Platoon Leader ATM, Sarak
3-Lead, Gunner UO, Apollo 3-Lead, Gunner ATM, Houpla
3-Lead, Driver UO, Ratzso 3-Lead, Driver  ATM, Weirdscience
3-Alfa, Tank Commander DeltaUMi 3-Alfa, Tank Commander ATM, Soklen
3-Alfa, Gunner williamk9949 3-Alfa, Gunner ATM, Paulatl
3-Alfa, Driver Sypher 3-Alfa, Driver ATM, Buck
3-Bravo, Tank Commander 15thMEU, Holmes 3-Bravo, Tank Commander 7ID, PrintF
3-Bravo, Gunner  15thMEU, Vanasse 3-Bravo, Gunner  7ID, Londo
3-Bravo, Driver 15thMEU, Godbout 3-Bravo, Driver 7ID, Oranje
3-Scout / Leader Sacha [SHAPE] 3-Scout / Leader  UNA, Zoggy
3-Scout / Gunner  Grasmat [SHAPE] 3-Scout / Gunner UNA, Griller
3-Scout / Driver Lorrio [SHAPE] 3-Scout / Driver UNA, Nikkus
Anti-Tank Team Anti-Tank Team
(SHAPE) (Mixed)
Team Leader Spoor Team Leader [HA]Galactic
Team Member Pek Team Member [HA]Korvet
Team Member NyteMyre Team Member BDR, Axe
Team Member John Doe Team Member  BDR, Kowalski
Logistical Group Logistical Group
Helicopter Pilot [SHAPE], PingWing Helicopter Pilot UNA, Keenan
Engineer / Service Vehicle Driver Anrop, Sillburk Engineer / Service Vehicle Driver
Multipurpose Operator [SHAPE]dane Multipurpose Operator BDR, Simoz
Company Reserves Company Reserves
Tank Crew Tank Crew
Tank Crew Tank Crew
Tank Crew Tank Crew
Tank Crew Tank Crew
Tank Crew Tank Crew
Scout/AT Scout/AT
Scout/AT Scout/AT
Scout/AT Scout/AT
Event Organisation
Admin: {BDR}Nemesi
Organisation: {BDR}Cobra (editing & website) & BDR Team

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