Edition #25
  July 29th, 2018
Map: Reshmaan Province
Roster under construction. Elements marked with (*) can be switched in the other side.

Command Element Command Element  
Company Commander Company Commander
Gunner Gunner
Driver Driver
XO, Gunner XO, Gunner
XO, Driver XO, Driver
1st Tank Platoon  ANROP 1st Tank Platoon Mixed
1-Lead, Platoon Leader  ANROP 1-Lead, Platoon Leader OPT4
1-Lead, Gunner  ANROP 1-Lead, Gunner OPT4
1-Lead, Driver ANROP 1-Lead, Driver OPT4
1-PSG, Tank Commander ANROP 1-PSG, Tank Commander  OPT4
1-PSG, Gunner ANROP 1-PSG, Gunner OPT4
1-PSG, Driver ANROP 1-PSG, Driver  OPT4
1-Alpha, Wingman Commander ANROP 1-Alpha, Wingman Commander OPT4
1-Alpha, Gunner ANROP 1-Alpha, Gunner OPT4
1-Alpha, Driver ANROP 1-Alpha, Driver OPT4
1-Bravo, Wingman Commander ANROP 1-Bravo, Wingman Commander [Ruthless]  Heinz (*)
1-Bravo, Gunner ANROP 1-Bravo, Gunner [Ruthless]  wicke (*)
1-Bravo, Driver ANROP 1-Bravo, Driver [Ruthless]  npx (*)
2nd Tank Platoon 2nd Tank Platoon
2-Lead, Platoon leader UST101(*) 2-Lead, Platoon leader  [3.JgKp]Sadder (*)
2-Lead, Gunner UST101(*) 2-Lead, Gunner  [3.JgKp]ZeWa (*)
2-Lead, Driver  UST101(*) 2-Lead, Driver [3.JgKp]KevCa  (*)
2-PSG, Tank Commander UST101(*) 2-PSG, Tank Commander [3.JgKp]Fabi (*)
2-PSG, Gunner UST101(*) 2-PSG, Gunner   [3.JgKp]Frostie (*)
2-PSG, Driver UST101(*) 2-PSG, Driver  [3.JgKp]Julian (*)
2-Alpha, Wingman Commander Gruppe Adler  (*) 2-Alpha, Wingman Commander  vPzGrenBrig37
2-Alpha, Gunner  Gruppe Adler  (*) 2-Alpha, Gunner  vPzGrenBrig37
2-Alpha, Driver Gruppe Adler  (*) 2-Alpha, Driver  vPzGrenBrig37
2-Bravo, Wingman Commander 2-Bravo, Wingman Commander  vPzGrenBrig37
2-Bravo, Gunner 2-Bravo, Gunner vPzGrenBrig37
2-Bravo, Driver 2-Bravo, Driver  vPzGrenBrig37
3rd Tank Platoon 3rd Tank Platoon
3-Lead, Platoon Leader BDR Flipper 3-Lead, Platoon Leader
3-Lead, Gunner  BDR Nemesi 3-Lead, Gunner
3-Lead, Driver  BDR Hartman 3-Lead, Driver
3-PSG, Tank Commander BDR Armilio 3-PSG, Tank Commander
3-PSG, Gunner BDR Alex 3-PSG, Gunner
3-PSG, Driver BDR Ikewolf 3-PSG, Driver
3-Alpha, Wingman Commander  BDR NikLox 3-Alpha, Wingman Commander
3-Alpha, Gunner BDR Revenge 3-Alpha, Gunner
3-Alpha, Driver BDR Vernaz 3-Alpha, Driver
3-Bravo, Wingman Commander 3-Bravo, Wingman Commander
3-Bravo, Gunner 3-Bravo, Gunner
3-Bravo, Driver 3-Bravo, Driver
Anti-Tank Team Anti-Tank Team
Alpha Anti-Tank Leader BDR Detective Alpha Anti-Tank Leader OPT4(?)
Alpha Anti-Tank Operator BDR Xale Alpha Anti-Tank Operator OPT4(?)
Bravo Anti-Tank Leader Bravo Anti-Tank Leader  vPzGrenBrig37
Bravo Anti-Tank Operator Bravo Anti-Tank Operator vPzGrenBrig37
Recon Team Recon Team  NTF (*)
Alpha Recon Leader Alpha Recon Leader   NTF (*)
Alpha Recon Operator Alpha Recon Operator  NTF (*)
Bravo Recon Leader Bravo Recon Leader  NTF (*)
Bravo Recon Operator
Bravo Recon Operator  NTF (*)
Charlie Recon Leader Charlie Recon Leader  NTF (*)
Charlie Recon Operator Charlie Recon Operator  NTF (*)
AT MGS Commander AT MGS Commander
AT MGS Gunner AT MGS  Gunner
AT MGS  Driver AT MGS  Driver
Logistic Group Logistic Group
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot OPT4
Platoon Engineer Gruppe Adler  (*) Platoon Engineer OPT4
Platoon Engineer Platoon Engineer