Rolling Thunder #31, 2nd round – GM event

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Rolling Thunder Edition #31 is scheduled for July  3rd, 2020.

Time: 18.30 UTC (20.30 CEST)

Rolling Thunder TS3: TS3 no pass

RT #31 will be a Special Global Mobilization Edition featuring a Cold War fictional conflict (West Germany vs East Germany)

Map: Weferlingen

Mods: @cba-a3, @ace_rt, @ace_particles, @acre2, @acre_sys_gm, @rt_gmx and GM DLC

Mods are distributed via A3Sync Repository – GM DLC is required

autoconfig url:
only RT #31 Modset (same as RT 30)

Edition #31 is a rematch of RT #30  by switching sides. Adjustments can be made to both sides. New groups are however welcome to fill up the slots.

Mission details

See you all in the battle and thanks for participation in RT #30!

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