Rolling Thunder #29

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Rolling Thunder Edition #29 is scheduled for May 3rd, 2020.

Time: 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST)

Rolling Thunder TS3: TS3 no pass

Scenario: Rolling Thunder #29 will feature a fictional conflict involving  NATO/Finnish Defense Forces and Russia in Virolahti

Map: Virolahti – Valtatie 7

MBTs: Leopard vs T100

Mods: @CBA3, @ACE3_nojavelin, @ACE_particles,  @ACRE2,  @CUP Terrains – Core, @Virolahti-Valtatie 7, @BDR_events

Mods are distributed via A3Sync Repository

autoconfig url:
only RT #29 Modset

Please check your mods with due advance! We keep the older ACRE2 version due to some bugs in the latest release!

Mission details

Rolling Thunder #29 is an invitational event
Roster is now completed

Looking forward to see you all in battle!

Also, we are pleased to announce an upcoming Global Mobilization Rolling Thunder event

The date is still to be set but it will be either the last week of May or the first in June.
If you would like to participate please contact us throught Discord and /or TS3 or write your interest in this topic. 

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