Rolling Thunder #28

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Rolling Thunder Edition #28 is scheduled for Dec. 2nd, 2019.

Time: 19.00 UTC (20.00 CET)

Rolling Thunder TS3: TS3 no pass

Scenario: Rolling Thunder #28 will feature a fictional conflict involving Israel and Iran in Syria

Map: Anizay

MBTs: Merkava vs T100

Mods: CBA3, ACE3_RT, @ACE_particles,  ACRE2,  CUP Terrains – Core, Anizay, BDR_events, vet_unflipping

Mods are distributed via A3Sync Repository

autoconfig url:
only RT #28 Modset

Mission details

Rolling Thunder #28 is an invitational event

If you would like to participate please contact us throught Discord and /or TS3 or write your interest in this topic. 

Looking forward to see you all in battle!

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