Rolling Thunder #24

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Rolling Thunder Edition #24 is scheduled for June 24th, 2018.

TS assembly: 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST)

TS3 no pass





Mission details are under preparation


  • scenario is a future and fictional Middle East conflict in the Syrian theatre involving Iran and Israel
  • map used will be Reshmaan Province
  • time of mission is night
  • MBTs: T-140 “Angara” vs M2A4 Slammer UP “Merkava”

Mods: CBA A3, Task Force Radio, Reshmaan Province,  CUP Core and Maps, RT mod.

Required mods download is under preparation and will be available via Steam.

Registrations are open!

For any question please do not hesitate to ask the RT staff! Looking forward to the battle!

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