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Rolling Thunder #20:  Sunday April 9th.

Place and Time: TS3 Assembly no password – 18.00 UTC

Battle starts at 18.30 UTC

RT Server port 2302 (ask for password)


Rolling Thunder #20 will feature a fictional conflict between Blufor (a fictional Eastern Europe country whose equipment mimics those of eastern real armies) and Redfor (equipped as the Russian Ground Forces).

Scenario: Beketov, Russia

Changelog with respect to RT#19:

Removed the Scout Platoon

Added: 2 more slots for AT Team and 2 more slots for Recon Team

Details for RT #20

Required mods

CBAA3 v3.2.1; TFAR (v .9.12); Beketov & CUP Terrains – Core (requirement for Beketov); RHS: AFRF (v; RHS: USAF (v; RHS: GREF (v; @RT20


The mission is ready for planning and training. RT server is up (ask Admins for details). Have a good preparation!


Discord Chat available for ease of comms. Ask for invite!

Looking forward to seeing you all in RT #20!

The RT Staff

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