Rolling Thunder #16

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Rolling Thunder #16, the first one in Arma 3, will take place on Sunday April 19th at 18.30 UTC.


TS assembly: 17.30 UTC

Briefing starts at 18.00 UTC

Battle starts at 18.30 UTC


TS3 server: no password

Gameserver: port 2302 (for psw please ask in TS3). The server is up to verify your mods.


The battle will last 2 hrs

Required mods:

@CBAA3 (RC6 hotfix); @TFAR (v0.9.7.3);@AGM (v0.95.3);@RT

There have been updates of the mods in use, please check and verify your mods in the server as the updates changed signatures and keys.


The map used will be Altis. Further infos and details here.

Registrations are OPEN. To register for the battle please click the button in homepage and fill up the form.

You can see the roster here. I would like to recommend Company Commanders to have a meeting with their PLs and to give them a written briefing in advance. All PLs and TLs should contact their Company Commander to be briefed. All players are kindly requested to join the gameserver well in advance before the battle to verify their mods.

Hope to see you all in the battle!



RT Admin


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