Rolling Thunder #14: details

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Rolling Thunder #14 will feature a fictive ground engagement taking place in Iraq in early nineties involving USMC with US Army vs Iraqi Republican Guard. The map used will be Faysh Khabur (Iraq).

Changed variables for this specific battle:

Redfor vehicles: Iraqi 1st Hammurabi Armoured Division

For the tankers: 10x T-72 Asad Babil
For the scouts: 3x BMP-1 & 3x UAZ DSHKM
For the AT team: 1x BRDM-2 & 1x BRDM-2 9P148
For the pilot: 1x Mi-8MT
Service Vehicle: BDRM-2

Blufor vehicles: USMC with US Army 1st Mechanized Brigade

For the tankers: 10x M60A3-ERA
For the scouts: 3x M2A1 Bradley & 3x HMMWV GMV
For the AT team: 1x M3A1 Bradley & 1x HMMWV GMV
For the pilot: 1x UH-60 Knighthawk
Service Vehicle: LAV 25

Map details:

The map for this battle is Faysh Khabur

The in game time is 6:00 AM
Viewdistance for this battle: 6000
Weather forecast: dry and clear
Terrain Radio Interference: 0.5 (min 0 max 1)

For all screenshots and battle details please see here

Looking forward to the battle!

The RT Staff