Summer Time!

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Due to Summer Time and mostly because RT Staff is currently busy with the ATC#7 Campaign the Rolling Thunder events have been delayed. But we are pleased to announce that Rolling Thunder will be back after the ATC#7 Campaign, in Autumn 2016, and will be held on regular basis every two months, roughly.

Have a nice Summer and looking forward to the next season!

The RT Staff


Rolling Thunder #18 announced!

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rt bornholm


Rolling Thunder #18 will take place on Sunday February 21st at 19.30 UTC.


TS assembly: 18.30 UTC

Briefing starts at 19.00 UTC

Battle starts at 19.30 UTC

The battle will last 2 hrs


TS3 server: no password

Gameserver: port 2302 (for psw please ask in TS3).


Scenario: Bornholm Island

Sides: USA vs Russia

Required mods (all latest version):

@CBAA3; @ RHS: AFRF; @RHS: USAF ; @TFAR ; @ATC; Bornholm

Optional: @ZAM – ShowNames

Objectives: see details here


Redfor: T90A (obr. 2006), BMP-3 (vesna K/A), GAZ2330, Mi8

Blufor: M1A1FEP, M2A2OPDS “Bradley”, Humvee, Chinook

Full details here

NOTE:  The mission (RT_18) is on Rolling Thunder server for your training and planning. Minor changes still possible! Please ask for RT server password and report any bug/issue you may find! Thank you!


Looking forward to seeing you all in RT #18, please stay tuned with us for further infos.


Best regards and good luck!


The RT Staff