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C9OxCiYXcAA8bb1Courtesy from Gruppe Adler (Redfor)


By {BDR}Nemesi (Blufor)

I wish to thank all participants in Rolling Thunder #20, it was awesome! The appointment is for Rolling Thunder #21 in about two months!

New map!

Please post your videos and media in the MEDIA ROOM.

I’m collecting videos in the RT Playlist and on the RT page on Facebook. Like us!

We are in touch here and on Discord Channel (ask for invite).

Till the next!!

All best from RT Staff!


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Rolling Thunder #20:  Sunday April 9th.

Place and Time: TS3 Assembly no password – 18.00 UTC

Battle starts at 18.30 UTC

RT Server port 2302 (ask for password)


Rolling Thunder #20 will feature a fictional conflict between Blufor (a fictional Eastern Europe country whose equipment mimics those of eastern real armies) and Redfor (equipped as the Russian Ground Forces).

Scenario: Beketov, Russia

Changelog with respect to RT#19:

Removed the Scout Platoon

Added: 2 more slots for AT Team and 2 more slots for Recon Team

Details for RT #20

Required mods

CBAA3 v3.2.1; TFAR (v .9.12); Beketov & CUP Terrains – Core (requirement for Beketov); RHS: AFRF (v; RHS: USAF (v; RHS: GREF (v; @RT20


The mission is ready for planning and training. RT server is up (ask Admins for details). Have a good preparation!


Discord Chat available for ease of comms. Ask for invite!

Looking forward to seeing you all in RT #20!

The RT Staff