Tanks DLC announced!

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Bohemia Interactive announced the release date for the upcoming Arma 3 Tanks DLC: April 11.

Here at Rolling Thunder we are looking forward to the new contents and features. The next Rolling Thunder, Edition #24, will take place after the Tank DLC release and will feature the new toys.

The date of the event will be announced later on. Stay tuned with us!

The RT Staff



We are back! Rolling Thunder 23!

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Rolling Thunder Edition #23 is scheduled for January, 2018.

This time we will have a double event on two consecutive sundays, Jan. Sunday 21st and Sunday 28th, with side switch between the two events.

TS3 vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no pass

Time schedule for server joining:

  • 19.00 UTC (20.00 CET) TS assembly
  • 19.15 UTC (20.15 CET) Server restart
  • All besides crewmen join
  • Mission start
  • Crewmen join (As tanks have a lineup time they won’t be delayed).

Please follow there instructions for a smooth start, thanks!

For mission details see here.


  • scenario is Beketov
  • MBTs: T84 vs T90

Mods: CBA A3, RHS AFRF, RHS USAF, RHS GREFACE3, Task Force Radio, Beketov, CUP core (required for Beketov) and RT mod.

Mods required for RT#23 are available via Steam: see @RT_Event  and required mods linked there.

NOTE ABOUT ACE3: the compatibility files ACE Compat RHS_afrf3, ACE Compat RHS_gref3, ACE Compat RHS_usf3 and ace_particles are required. You can manually move those files from the “option” folder to the “Addons” folder or download this ACE mod which has the optional required files in place.

Registrations are open now.

We will have some changes as for the battle preparation. The two sides will be announced within Sunday 14th, then on Tuesday 16th and 23rd there will be a side meeting where both sides will decide the plan and the commander.

For any question please do not hesitate to ask the RT staff!

We all in RT hope to see you numerous for the upcoming event and we take the occasion to wish you all happy holidays!