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Rolling Thunder #13

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RTRolling Thunder #13 will feature a Middle East ground engagement involving USA vs Syrian Army supported by Russia. The map used will be Reshmaan Province.

Features, rules and general equipment: (Click Link Here)


TS3 version: do not upgrade above 3.0.12, see here
TS3 version 3.0.12

Changed variables for this specific battle:

Redfor vehicles: Syrian Army

For the tankers: 10x T-90A
For the scouts: 3x BMP-2E; 3x Land Rover Defender (M2)
For the AT team: 1x BTR-90, 2x UAZ (DShK)
For the pilot: 1x Mi-8MT Helicopter
Service Vehicle: BMP-2

Blufor vehicles: USMC

For the tankers: 6x M1A1, 4x M1A1 Tusk
For the scouts: 3x M2A2 Bradley; 3x HMMVEE M2
For the AT team: 1x LAV 25, 1x HMMVEE M2
For the pilot: 1x UH-60 (Blackhawk) helicopter
Service Vehicle: LAV 25

Map details:

The map for this battle is Reshmaan Province

The in game time is 08:00 PM (20:00)
Viewdistance for this battle: 4000
Weather forecast: dry and clear

TS Address: no password

Date: January 21st, 2014, 20.00 GMT

Mission details and requirements: see here a preview (will be updated).